About Us


It all started when…

Three high school buddies had always felt they were different compared to the circle of influence they had been exposed to throughout their lives. They always felt as if there was more to life than the traditional K-12 educational system and paradigm that success was only measured by the scores you received in school. But, of course, their environment prevented them from ever being able to truly escape that way of thinking and realize their true potential. None of the friends were ever struggling relatively in school or in life. They were in fact running the rat race pretty efficiently, they just had a strong personal feeling that there was truly more to be desired and aspired to in this physical experience we call life.

While attending Hampton University, Ikenna Nwagbara, a computer engineering major, began to explore his intuition and natural creativity and by the law of attraction, set his sights on real estate investing. He turned to his cousin at Georgia State University, Michael Ariwodo, exercise science major, and friend at Mercer University, Zachary Miller, entrepreneurship major, to discuss a plan to enter the industry. The three founded Perspective Group Investments on July 8th, 2018 and flipped 12 homes their first year. In 2020, upon graduating, the three founders plan to expand their LLC by adding a project manager to help oversee all the renovation projects. At this point PGI will be fully scaled and relocate their headquarters from Gwinnett County to Metro Atlanta, for the business to grow. The three newfound business men owe all their success to their shift in perspective. That anything you want to achieve in this world is possible. It all begins with your thought process. Your thoughts become your reality. They made a conscious decision to continually think positively and dream big and their thoughts influenced their actions. Their once thought of “dream” has become a reality for these three influential young adults.


Our Focus

  • Build positive relationships with each and every person we meet.

  • Provide the best solutions to aid our clients in any way possible.

  • Make sure our clients leave with more understanding and a new perspective on their current venture.

  • Use our expertise in an array of markets to yield growth to our clients assets.

  • Handle all business situations with sensitivity and positive energy.